About me

Hi, there. I'm Leah. 

In 2008, I stepped out of teaching and into the surreal world of full-time momhood. I'd gone to school for publishing, but spending my days editing other people's work instead of creating something--anything (a story, an article, a piece of origami)--of my own made me want to poke out my eye with my red pencil. So I went back to school (because I love me some student loans) to become a teacher, which I loved, loved. Who knew that creating these cool lessons and working with teenagers and faculty meetings could be so much fun (well, except for the meetings. They were pretty terrible)? But then I had our daughters, and now I spent most days conversing with two happy little girls (one's 3 and the other 10 months, at the moment), quelling the occasional tantrum and producing more milk than a dairy farm. I've a dog, a cat and a husband so charming I hurried up and married him before somebody else got the same bright idea. I'm a small-town girl turned urban expatriate who now resides in the 'burbs about a half hour from where I grew up. And it's with no small sense of irony that I drive an SUV, regularly drop the word "playdate" in conversation (cringing all the while), and often wonder the merits of ab exercises after two c-sections. 

It's a funny life. I get overwhelmed. A lot. But I laugh a bunch, too, and not always just at myself: somehow I got to be surrounded by really funny people (though looks aren't everything. Dah dum DUM). I change an inordinate amount of diapers, wash way too many dishes and wear yoga pants (black, sometimes gray if I'm feeling adventurous) around the house, but never to the mall. I often wonder what it would’ve been like to have stayed at work (especially when that grad school loan swings by), but realize that I'm lucky to be able to gulp up this time with my family before it changes, before they grow, before they're gone...

This blog is my way of sorting through the mundane craziness of this world—the ups, the downs, and all the cartwheels in between. I hope you like it. Feel free to drop me a line to let me know what you think at onevignette@gmail.com. I promise I won't take it personally.

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